Dronetv.lu is a plurilingual platform on the history of military, industrial and educational television. Through contributions in different formats (text, audio, video, photography), it seeks to excavate the applications and uses of television outside the home.

The website is an extension of a postdoctoral research project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation; its development and online publication was made possible thanks to the generous support by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) of the University of Luxembourg.

Dronetv.lu brings together texts by the project leader, Anne-Katrin Weber, as well as research carried out by students of the Seminar für Medienwissenschaft at the University of Basel during the (pandemic) fall semester 2020. 

The website will be enriched with further teachings and research: it will thus also serve as an exploration of new forms of historical narrative. A more detailed presentation of the project was published here.

Project leader

Anne-Katrin Weber

With contributions by 

Daorsa Badivuku; Florian Bayer; Laura Brücker; Catherine Csebits; Paola D'Arcangelo; Jeffrey Gnehm; Seraina Julia Graf; Philipp Haller; Jonas Hochberg; Gökçe Kaya; Vanessa Klein; Viviane Kübler; Vera Leuenberger; Isabella Margjini; Michelle Meier; Samuel Müller; Melina Mundschin; Nicolas Neuenschwander; Flurina Sara Perrez; Lara Petralli; Eleonora Ponti; Emeline Samson; Martin Schäffler; Nathalie Schwab; Enis Shatrolli; Mia Carina Stauffacher; Gizem Topcuoglu; Gernot Vlcek; Remo Weber; Mathias Stefan Wey.


Bunker palace.